The Blind Soldier
Posted by Anonymous on September 28, 1998 at 05:42:36:

There was this soldier who returned from the north and didn't want to go back to the battle front. He claimed to the army authorities that he had lost vision and requested an office job in the headquarters. He was asked to admit himself to the Army hospital. The army doctor who has seen thousand and one such cases knew that this man was pretending. So he decided to do a test and took the "blind" officer to a room in sarong, here he did some checks on his vision and just to prove to the soldier that he was pretending asked a lady officer for some help. He instructed the lady officer to come to the room and stand at a distance of 10 feet and by signs first remove her blouse & then the bra, a little while later he signalled her to remove her skirt and then the panty, in the meantime the doctor asked the "blind" officer whether he could see anything for which he replied no "sir" i can't see anything. Then the doctor took a foot-ruler which was on the table and with it touc!
d the "blind" officer's dick and asked him then how come this meter is functioning? (what he meant was that the "blind officer was getting a severe erection)thus the "blind officer was court marshalled for lying and then was sent back to the battlefront permamantely.

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