Another Sri Lankan Joke
Posted by Anonymous on September 28, 1998 at 05:41:31:

This is only a joke and not to insult anyone or anybody's feelings.

There was this Hamaduruwo in a temple who had a boy of 6 years as an "Abbitah" (assistant). The little one was used as a "toy" by the head at times to relieve his desires. one fine day the small fella had a severe stomach ache which became more unberable. Then the Hamaduruwo took the small fella to the hospital. The doctor who attended on him informed the nurse to take a bottle of the kids urine for testing which the nurse did.Around the same time a pregnant woman's urine too was taken for testing. By mistake the nurse labelled the bottles with the wrong names. Upon receipt of the results the shocked nurse informed the doctor that the "Abbitah"was pregi. The doctor too was shocked and Politely asked the Hamaduruwo to come to the room and told the "Abbitah" to be outside. This roused the suspicion of the "Abbitah" who was listening to what the doctor had to tell & on hearing that he was pregi the terrified "Abbitah" came running into the room crying and screaming at the Hama!
ruwo "Mama Kiwwa Neda Hamaduruwota Puke Arrinna Epai kiyala".The dumbfounded Hamaduruwo then said no! no! it can't be because i only used his thighs.Later they found out the error and the doctor apologised to the Hamaduruwo.

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