how to make money - a Lankan joke.
Posted by Peace on September 22, 1998 at 07:06:47:

A man tells a young boy that he knows an easy way
to make money.
The boy beeing intrested egirly waites to know how.
So the man putes some money under his pillow and
have intercorce with him.
Bewilderd by the ammount of money the young boy made.
He rush home and tells his mom of his discovery.
The mother request that he show her how its done.
Like the man he place the money under the pilow and
dues it to his mom.
The mother been upset by this acction hits her son
and tell him to leave the house imediately.

While waliking in dissapointment the son accidently
get hit by a biycicle and the man goes to the
young boy "Ummata hokana" and the boy says
"ummata hokala tamay away"

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