Roadworks (Union Rules)....
Posted by Marcia on September 22, 1998 at 07:01:05:

One morning a little old lady was sitting on her porch when two men arrived.
One dug a hole in the road in front of her house and the second one filled it in. The first chap went a bit further down the road and dug another hole ... and the second guy filled it in. Then they went a little further still down the road and they did the same thing again.
Well, the little old lady was fascinated by the whole process and when the two men stopped for a tea break, she went over and told them that she had been watching them all morning and was fascinated by what they were doing but wanted to know what *exactly* it was they *were* doing.
"Well", said the first man, "Dave normally plants a tree but he's on holiday this week"!

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