Life of Hampden(part2)
Posted by Anushka on September 09, 1998 at 05:12:09:

Hampden was a young kid, and due to his sex drive and mental instability the judge decides to place him a mental institute(read part 1). So, after the trial hampden is sent to mullariya(a mental institute).
Hampden at first enjoys the place but after a few weeks he gets fed up of the food and decides to run away with his friends who also share his enthusiasm for the food. 1 day, hampden gathers all his buddies and talks about escape and one of them comes up with the idea of poll-vaultin over the wall and escaping. At this every1 is highly exited. And, hampden being the self appointed leader, decides to carry out the operation next saturday night. Then one of his friends says that some practice would be in order and hampden also agrees.
So, the next morning hampden brings a long poll and asks every1 to try it out by jumping over the wall and then jumping back into the compound. They practice like this through out the week and are finally ready for the final jump to freedom. NOW, mullariya was an old place and the 5 foot wall they had been jumping over during the week and the same 1 they were going to jump over now was extremely deteriorated. Hampden knew nothing of this. As a result, the first person he picked to jump over the wall who was the fattest of them all ended up jumping short and crshing into the wall and bringing the wall down. After the fatso recovered and realised what had happened he came to hampden and told the bad news that he'd brought the wall down cause he couldn't see in the dark.
Hampden was utterly dissapointed at this and turning to the remaining few he said "sorry fellows. we can't escape tonight because fatso brought the wall down. everybody goto u'r bunks. we'll try again when they repair the wall. good-night" and returned to his bed heartbroken that he could not escape from mullariya this night.

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