A man in Kandy with a womb
Posted by Tommy on September 09, 1998 at 04:48:16:

A man with a womb  a rare medical phenomenon is being treated at the
Kandy General Hospital. The womb, complete with the fallopian tubes
and ovaries, was found in his stomach when he was operated on for

The patient, in his early thirties, had been treated for a cancer for
the past one and a half months. 'The various tests done had pointed to
a malignancy in the stomach. The treatment had reduced the lump in his
stomach, but it had grown later on. The scan showed a lump in his
stomach,' one doctor said.

'There was no physical abnormality. He was a normal male. He had no
sign of femininity. He had a male organ but no testis. We believe the
testis are in the abdomen area. The testis were pasted to the womb,'
he said.

The patient had been married for around eight years but has no

A gynaecologist, commenting on this rare medical phenomenon said 'One
person can develop both organs, although they may not function. It has
happened but it is rare.'

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