U.S. teens to lose virginity live on Internet
Posted by Tommy on September 09, 1998 at 04:47:16:

In what is being billed as yet another first for the Internet, two
18-year-olds say they will lose their virginity on their own Web site
for all the wired world to see. The couple, calling themselves Diane
and Mike, will have sex for the first time at 9 p.m. EDT Aug. 4 with a
camera broadcasting the event free over the Internet, their lawyer
Mark Vega said Tuesday. Vega said the plan was to "keep this as
grass-roots and intimate as possible. It just takes one camera and you
can invite the entire web to where you're at." He declined to name the
two or say where they live, but pictures of them with their faces
blacked out have been posted on the Web site (www.ourfirsttime.com).

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