Thursday Laughs
Posted by Tommy on September 09, 1998 at 04:40:51:

> >>There's this kid who lives on a farm. He comes home from school, in
> a
> >>really bad mood. He sees a pig and kicks it. Then he sees a
> chicken and
> >>kicks
> >>that. Then he walks into the house.
> >>"I saw you kick those animals," his mother said, "For kicking the
> pig,
> >>you'll have no bacon for a week. For kicking the chicken, you'll
> have no
> >>eggs
> >>for
> >>a week." The kid's about to say something, when his father walks in
> the
> >>door,
> >>also
> >>in a foul mood, and kicks the cat. The kid says to his mother, "You
> want
> to
> >>tell
> >>him, or should I?"

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