Posted by Anushka on September 08, 1998 at 04:18:12:

Hampden was a boy of 9, BUT a vey corrupted 1 at that. Though he hated to goto school, lately he attended all his classes due to his sexy class teacher. One day the class teacher told ever one that the class was going on a trip on saturday. Naturally, Hampden was exited.
Then, on the day of the trip, while on their way, the vehicle broke down and the group had to spend the night away from home. Hampden, realising his chance, started crying in the middle of the night. The teacher inquired why, and Hampden answered promptly saying "i sleep with my mom at night". so the teacher asked him to come and sleep next to her. Then, a little later, Hampden started crying again and the teacher inquired why and Hampden replied "when i sleep at home, i put my finger inside my mom's belly button(BURIYA)". So the teacher told hampden that he could put his finger in her belly button.
A little while later the teacher shakes hampden and says "Hampden, that's not my belly button". Then Hampden answers back by saying "teacher, this isn't my finger either". At this the teacher gets wild and swears to hampden that he is going to jail.
After a month, a case is brought up against hampden and the trial is on. During the trial the teacher's lawyer makes a beautiful and convincing case that brings the jurours to tears. At this, hampden's lawyer is at his wits end and brings out his last line of defence.
Removing hampden's zipper, he takes it in his hand and while swinging it, asks the judge "your honour, i am here to prove beyond a reasonale doubt that my client is innocent. So, how do you think it is possible that something this small could enter something that big??". Then the court room is in silence but the lawyer is still swinging it, and due this hampden pulls the lawyer aside and whispers "HEY!! don't play around with that! we might lose the case"

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