Posted by Tommy on September 08, 1998 at 03:14:52:

Mr. Greenberg, a World War II veteran, walks into a Chinese restaurant and sits down. As soon as the waiter comes up, Mr. Greenberg slaps him across the face. "What was that for?!" cries the outraged waiter. "That was for Pearl Harbor!" replies Mr. Greenberg. "But I'm Chinese. Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese!"

"Chinese, Japanese-it's all the same!"

Mr. Greenberg orders his meal and is grudgingly served by the waiter. When he is through, he hands the waiter his credit card. Upon seeing that his name is "Greenberg", the waiter slaps him across the face. "What was that for?!" he shouts.
"That was for the Titanic!" "But I had nothing to do with the Titanic. It was sunk by an iceberg!"

"Greenberg, Iceberg-it's all the same!"

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