Two Jokes Together
Posted by funny girl, Niraj on September 02, 1998 at 01:31:04:

Good One! - posted by funny girl - Email :
What does it say on a black man's epileptic alert bracelet?

I'm not break dancing! help me!

A smart Mother!!!! - posted by Niraj - Email:
It was late at night, and a mother called the hospital,
the emergency line of course, and asked for a doctor.
She also claimed that this was a very serious matter.
The nurse who picked up the phone got a doctor to talk
to this lady.

Doc: hello, this is Dr. Sam, and how may I help you?
Mom: Doctor, doctor, my son ate an 'ant', and I gave him
some 'ant poison'. Did I do the right thing, or I
sould have given him some sort of pesticide?

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