Windows / MS jokes
Posted by MaQ on August 25, 1998 at 00:47:26:

If Bill Gates had a dime for every time a Windows box crashed, he'd be a ...
.... Oh, wait a minute, he already does and is.

This article was seen in PC Week magazine.

"... it is a pleasure to read about the traffic cops who nearly stopped an air-to-surface missile in a speed trap on Dartmoor. The Devonshire Police were waving a radar gun at passing sheep when the display shot
up to 300 MPH and stuck there, a phenomenon explained seconds later by the appearance over the horizon of a Harrier Jet, flying fairly fast and very low and heading in the officers' general direction. This careless driving on the part of the Harrier soon became the subject of an official complaint, but the RAF replied that the officers should count their blessings. It turns out that the Harrier's on-board computer had locked on to the radar gun, and suspecting an enemy aircraft, had taken the liberty of arming the weapons. Imagine the carnage that would have
resulted had the Harrier been running Microsoft software.!!! "


A computer without Windows is like a Fish without a Bicycle...!

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