Posted by Sanjeewa Marasinghe on August 25, 1998 at 00:45:46:

- A collaborative effort written over lunch
This past weekend, President Clinton was visiting the
Hamptons, New York's tony beach resort -- where the rich and
famous have there summer homes -- for several Democratic party
fund raisers which were hosted by well known celebrities such
as Kim Bassinger as well as by some of Wall Street's biggest

During his stay in the Hamptons, President Clinton was invited
to stay at the Georgica Pond Estate of Steven Spielberg, the
most famous producer of the past 20 years.

It has been learned from inside sources close to the
president, that after all of the parties were over,
Bill and Steve retired to the library and discussed some
possible remakes of films to reflect modern times.

While many names are still being kept quiet, our sources have
indicated that the following titles will be remade during the
remainder of Clinton's presidency.

* Close Encounters for the 3rd time
- Starring Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones,
and Monnica Lewinsky

* Ken Starr - His last Crusade

* Raiders of the lost panties

* A Dress the "Color Purple" (with a stain)

* Ah'm-a-stud

* E.T. - Extra Testatarone

* JAWS V - On to WhiteWater

* JAWS VI - This time no teeth

* Paula Jones and The Trailer Trash of Doom

* Jurassic perks - The lust world

and a few non Speilberg remakes were thrown around for discussions as well

* Dial "M" for Monica

* Free Willy part II - The White House Years

* Interns of Endearment

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