Mother is in town
Posted by Sanjeewa Marasinghe on August 10, 1998 at 02:30:25:

A man is out drinking with his buddies one night and suddenly realizes
he has stayed out too late and is in for trouble when he gets home.

"No problem" says his friend, "Do what I do to my wife. Sneak into the
bedroom crawl up under the blanket between her legs and do a little
oral sex! She'll forget all about being mad and fall right asleep."

So the guy gets home to a dark, quiet house. He creeps in as quietly
as he can and tiptoes into his bedroom. Following his friends advice, he proceeds under the blanket and does the deed to gentle moaning and, finally, soft snoring.

Quite pleased with himself, he heads to the
bathroom to change his clothes, when he is startled by the sight of his wife sitting on the commode. "Shhhhhhh........" she says, "Mother's in

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