Jokes about the head kid
Posted by Nikolai Ignatov on July 30, 1998 at 02:07:21:

1) It is the birthday of the HEADKID (that has no BODY). SOmeone brings a big nice covered box. The HeadKID is excited and screams with joy:
-Somebody open it, open it , open it.
A little kid, perheaps a friend stands up and opens the box.
The HeadKid said:


2) The Paraolympics games are in their hotest spot.
Its the swiming contest.
In line five there is the Tree Armed man without legs, In line seven is the One Leged one.
In line eight... Lets sea . Its a Head :
So the contest begins .
Someone pushes the Headkid in the neck as and it falls in the water starting to drown. The lifeguards save the Head from drowning. And the Head hardly opens his mouth and says:
- I spent so much time in learning to swim with years , and now these bustards put me a swiming Hat...................

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