That's Not Your Ball
Posted by Bal Vallah on June 25, 1998 at 02:02:08:

Randy and John were out for the usual round of golf one day. "Tell you what, Johnn. Let's make this
game worth our time. I'll bet you a dollar that I score lower than you do this round."

"Sounds good, Randy."

And they were off. They matched scores for the first eight holes, and things were looking good when
they teed off on the ninth. After their first drives, they trooped off for the next stroke. Problem
was, Randy could not find his ball. He looked all over, but to no avail. "John, help me look for my

"I'll look around from here, Randy. Don't forget--a lost ball counts as four strokes!"

Randy looked around some more, but couldn't find his ball. Finally, out of desperation, he snuck a
new ball out of his pocket, and dropped it when John was not looking.

"John, I've found me ball!"

John exploded: "You cheater! How dare you! I never thought that any man I played a friendly round
with would stoop to cheating for even a dollar!"

Randy said, "What do you mean 'cheater'? I found my ball, I'll play it where it lies!"

John said, "That's not your ball! I've been standing on your ball for five minutes!"

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