How to Take Notes
Posted by Bal Vallah on June 25, 1998 at 01:57:58:

"Probably the greatest quality of the
poetry of John Milton, who was born in
1608, is the combination of beauty and
power. Few have excelled him in the use
of the English language, or for that
matter, in lucidity of verse form,
'Paradise Lost' being said to be the
greatest single poem ever written."
John Milton--born 1608
"When Lafayette first came to this
country, he discovered America. The
Americans needed his help if their
cause was to survive, and this he
promptly supplied them."
Lafayette discovered America
"Current historians have come to doubt
the complete advantageousness of some
of Roosevelt's policies"
Most of the problems that now face
the United States are directly
traceable to the bungling and greed
of President Roosevelt.
" is possible that we do not
understand the Russian viewpoint..."
Professor Mitchell is a communist
"The puissance of hydrochloric acid is
incontestable; however, the corrosive
residue is inharmonious with metallic
Hydrochloric acid eats the hell out
of steel.

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