Typing mistakes! Bra or Bro !
Posted by Vijayman on June 24, 1998 at 02:15:36:

One of the guy is chatting on infolanka with a girl. the girl
asked "How many bro(bro is shorthand for brother) you have ?".
The guy amswered " two" . Then he asked her how many bra U have ? " .
She get so upset about this guy and said " U R really stupid guy".
The guy still didnt understand what is wrong and ased her " did I asked anything wrong? " .
She replyied " look what U have typed! " .
The guy look what he typed and finally understood that
he typed bra instead of bro (bro is shorthand for brother ).
Then he started to laugh.

This is a true story happened in infolanka chat . The guy who typed bra instead of bro is me.

By Vijayman

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