The Little Black Kid
Posted by gbk on June 05, 1998 at 06:15:33:

There was a little Black Kid who went into his mother's makeup. He found some white powder and put it on himself. When he was finished he looked just like a white kid. He then ran and told his sister "look I'm white I'm white." and the sister said you better not show your mama that or she'll kick your ass. So he goes up to his mama and says "look i'm white I'm white" and his Mama says you better not show your father that or he'll kick the shit out of you. So he goes and tells his father "look I'm white I'm white" and the Father kicks the living Shit out of him, he's bleeding and crying and about a Five Minutes later he calls a family meeting. "Now son what have you learned from this" says the father and the son says "I've only been white for five minutes and i already hate black people!!!"

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