Meeting the Guru
Posted by Bal Vallah on June 05, 1998 at 05:50:01:

An old woman took it upon herself to travel to Nepal to meet with this famous guru. Her friends tried
to dissuade her, saying that the trip was long and arduous, and with her varicose veins it could mean
real trouble. They could not talk her out of it, however.

So, she made her preparations and set out. It began with a 36-hour flight on Air India with four
stopovers, followed by 2 hours on a rickety propeller plane from WWI. Then a ride on a cog railway.
Then a 2-day trek in a camel caravan over icy mountain paths. She was half dead when she reached the
guru's village.

There she learned that it would be perhaps ten days before she could have an audience with the guru
because so many seekers had come to see him. She was also told that when she entered the guru's tent,
she would only be allowed to speak five words, since the guru was so busy. So, she rested and
prepared, all the while trying to choose her five words carefully.

Finally, the day came. Into the tent she went and seated herself on the hard stool facing the guru.
And then she leaned over and spoke:

"Enough already, Sheldon, come home."

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