Another Two Hunters
Posted by Bal Vallah on June 04, 1998 at 02:20:53:

These two friends decided to go hunting one weekend, so they load all their gear up and head into the
hills to find themselves some deer to bag. Everything goes fine for a while when after walking around
for seven hours, they realize that they're lost and cannot find their way back.

"You know," said the first hunter, we ought to firs a couple shots in the air and wait for a rescue

So they fire three shots in the air and sit down to wait. An hour goes by, and not a sign of dogs, no moving people, no helicoptors, nothing.

"I think we should fire three more in the air," said the second hunter.

"Okay," the first hunter said, "here we go again." He then fired three more shots in the air.

Two more hours go by and still no sign of life around them. So the first hunter is about to fire
three more shots in the air when the second hunter grabs his arm and says, "Wait a minute."

"What?" says the first hunter.

"Well, I was just thinking," replied the second hunter, "maybe you should only fire two this
time......we're running out of arrows."

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