Micro Surgeons
Posted by Kamal De Lanerolle on March 07, 1997 at 19:52:47:

After the micro surgeons conference in New York, the leading surgeons were in
a bar and, being drunk off there faces, began to reminice over their greatest

The first, and English surgeon explained:
We had a chap caught in a printing press factory last year and all that was
left of
him was his little finger. Our team of surgeons constructed a new hand and
buit a
new arm, enigeered a new body and ultimately, he returned to the work
force. He
was so efficient he put five men out of work.

"Thats nothing." added the American surgeon. "We had a worker trapped inside
nuclear reactor and all that was left of him was an eyelash. We constructed
a new eye, a new skull, a new torso and new limbs. We put him back into the
workforce in under a week and he is so efficient he put 50 men out of work.

The Canadian surgeon, not to be outdone:
"I was walking down the street one day when a Fart wafted past. I took it
back to
the hospital in a garbage bag, let it loose on the table and went to work.
First we
wrapped an asshole around it, built a bum on to the asshole, attatched a
body, legs
to one end and arms to the other and gradually it turned into Jean Cretian.
He has
now put the whole fucking country out of work cause of his "Efficientcy"

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