Collection of Jokes
Posted by oZo, Zircon14, nathan saucedo on June 02, 1998 at 04:02:49:

Yo Mama - posted by oZo - E-mail:
Yo Mamma is so ugly when seh was born they had to tint her incubater.
Yo mamma is so fat she thinks gravey is a bevrege.
Your mom is so black she has to wear white govles so she dosent bit her finger nails when shes eating tootise rolls

Condoms - posted by Zircon14
a man walked into seven eleven and asked the clerk
for the pack of 99 cent condoms and the clerk said that will be a dollor five the man asked why is it a dollar five the clerk said because of tax. the man said oh i thought they stayed on by them selves!!

Math - posted by nathan saucedo
yo dad is like Michael Jordan he is always hoging my balls

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