Collection of Jokes - 2
Posted by Sbhs, B.UThayasankar, spookdaddy on May 25, 1998 at 02:21:57:

Sydney boys High - posted by Sbhs E-mail:
In northhampshire a police man goes down to a brothel. He goes to the top floor and he sees a irish guy on a bed, and he asks "who are you" and the irish guy goes " Name is Ting" Next the police man goes down a floor and he sees an american guy sitting on a chair and he asks the american guy the same question and the american says "Ting" The police man after a few seconds gets confused by this and Ting number two cleared it all up. He Said "well I'm Wait-Ting and the other guy is Ru-Ting"...........


Just for fun - posted by B.UThayasankar E-mail:
One man came to Canada from Italy. He did not know
English and he wanted to learn English in Canada.
The first day he learned the word "Yes". The scond day
he went to a restaurant and learned fork and knive.
The Third day he just went to a movi and learned
just for fun. The next day police found a dead body.
Police came to his house and asked him Did you kill
this man? "yes" he answered. What did you use to kill
this man? " fork and knive" he answered. Why did you
you kill this man? "Just for fun Just for fun" he repeated. Then he was arrested.


Yo Mama - posted by spookdaddy E-mail:
yo mama sux dix so hard i gotta pull the bed sheet outta my ass when she's done
yo mama could suck start a leaf blower
yo mama so dumb i said drinks are on the house and she went on the roof looking for'em
yo mama is so dumb i told her to blow up a bus and she burnt her lips on the tailpipe


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