Silly Sri Lankan Joke
Posted by MLL, unknown on May 25, 1998 at 02:13:59:

Silly Sri Lankan Joke - posted by MLL E-mail:
Once a foreigner came to Sri Lanka. There were mosquitoes,so he bought a mosquito net os he could sleep w/out deling w/ buzzing mosquitoes. The 1st night,he slept well. the 2nd night,there were fireflies hovering above his mosquito net. He panicked & ran screaming into the night saying,"Oh my gods,Sri Lankan mosqitoes carry lanterns!!!!!!!!!"




Premadasa Joke - posted by unknown E-mail:
premadasa went to the opening ceromny of the
auditorium at ladies college

having exited looking at the chicks

he started the speech saying

I have never seen hall like ladies hall

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