Assortment of Jokes II
Posted by Nic and Mike, Raven Kulendran, puyya on May 11, 1998 at 10:18:45:

Breast Enlargement Secret ... READ THIS!!!! - posted by Nic and Mike E-mail:
The secret to enhancing your breast size is....

Rubbing cheap toilet paper on them daily.

( What are you laughing at? It worked for your ass didn't it?! )

Egyptian Queen - posted by Raven Kulendran E-mail: i don't know
There was a king and a queen in egypt. The king found out that every man in the kingdom
wanted to f**k the queen. He also found out that the queen is not faithful to him.
So one day he had to go out of country on a business affair. so before he left the country,
he put a razor blade in the queen's pussy and left. After 2 weeks when he returned he made all
the men in the country to stand in a straight line with their pants down. every man he checked
hand a cut on their penis. until the last one, this man didn't have a cut.
So the King commended him for being a good citizen. But what the king didn't know was

The Guy Who Walked Into A Bar - posted by puyya E-mail:
A guy walks into a bar. The barman seeing the guy walk
in says " have a steering wheel in your
pants!" The guy goes "I know, its driving me

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