This city boy moves out to the midwest
Posted by Abdul Wahid on May 11, 1998 at 10:02:41:

This city boy moves out to the midwest after his father dies and
leaves him the farm. About a month after he arrives he notices that there
are no women around. He goes to his closest neighbor (who is three miles
away) and asks, "Where are the women?" The other farmer replies, "There
aren't any." "What the hell do you do when you get horny then?" "That's
what cows are for boy." The city boy walks away in and promises never to
bang a cow. A couple of months pass and the boy finnaly gives in. He goes
back to his neighbor and asks how it's done. "You go out to the stables
and pick a cow." The city boy still is confused. So the farmers takes him
out to the barn and demonstrates. The city boy then decides to give it a
try. Half way through a couple of other farmers walk in. Seeing the boy
they start laughing at him. The city boy quickly pulls up his pants and
walks away. Before he can leave one of the other farmers asks him why he
didn't finish. He responds "I was embarrased and thought you were
laughing at me because I was having sex with a cow." "We weren't laughing
at that... we were laughing because you picked Rosa. She's the ugliest

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