Posted by GUYS FROM CHICAGO on May 11, 1998 at 09:52:38:

He is the person,who has very thin body.
When he was drunken he explained us lot of very interesting lies,
when he was in sri-lanka.
Now we are going to tell you couple of lies,which he has tallen us,
The interesting thing is the VAWLA think that
he is telling true every time,
But all peaple knows all thous are VAWLA'S stories.
The first lie VAWLA told us is ,One day he going for a walk with his friend's.
On his way he saw a VAWLA(bat) hanging on the electricity cable.
After that he took some stones and threw to the VAWLA,
then VAWLA fall down.He took the VAWLA and went home,cookd nicly
and had a good party. After that he named the party 'VAWL-PARTY'.
He told us that the tastest meet he had is the VAWL-meet.
In our place only the beggars are having the VAWLA meet.
After this lie story we are calling him 'VAWLA'
Four year's ago he has gone to katharagama with his companious.
On the way he wanted to go for shit. But he couldn't do it normally.
At that time one of his friend came to him and saw that he coun't shit propaly.
After he gave him Thuththiri Plant and advised him to put inside his ass and roll it crefully,
so that he shit easily. From that day when he gose to shit he want's a THUTHTHIRI PLANT'.
An anather day he explened us how he killed Crabs with Granieds
and gave to his navy chief , That day navy chief gave him a MENDIS bottle.
After this story we call him POKIRISSA .
An anather day he told us how he drived his Datson 160-b car with his 11 friends to Kandy.
Even for five peaple it's difficult to go on that car.
God knows how he went to kandy with his 11 friend's.
After that we named him' DATSON 160-B'.

These are storis about BATMAN in ukraine.
Later we will send you another stories about BATMAN.

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