The Zen Master (by Abdul Wahid), drunk man (by raymond obuzor) and Stupid (by Sonia)
Posted by Abdul Wahid, raymond obuzor, Sonia on May 11, 1998 at 09:43:03:

The Zen Master - posted by Abdul Wahid E-mail:
The Zen Master is visiting New York City from Tibet. He goes up to a
hotdog vendor and says, "Make me one with everything."

The hot dog vendor fixes a hot dog and hands it to the Zen Master, who
pays with a $20 bill.

The vendor puts the bill in the cash box and closes it. "Where's my
change?" asks the Zen Master.

The vendor responds, "Change must come from within."

drunk man - posted by raymond obuzor E-mail:
a young man walked into a bar and saw the usual bar
crowd and only two women. he walks up to an old man
and asks him how he would know if he was drunk.
the old man said "look over there in that corner,
there are four women. when you being to see eight
women,then you are."

Stupid - posted by Sonia E-mail: sonia_nikki@hotmail
There was once 2 males one was by the name of stupid and the
other was nobody. So one day nobody threw a jar of water
on stupid then stupid said "if you throw any more water
on me I'll tell the police."Then once more nobody threw
water on stupid.So stupid went to the police and told them
nobody threw water on me(he said it 3 times to th police
officer)so the police said Are you stupid and he answered

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