Sparrow who flew South
Posted by Ratty on May 01, 1998 at 20:06:40:

Once upon a time there was a lazy sparrow who started his flight South too
late into winter. As he flew, the moisture froze on his little wings and he
crash landed on a farm yard. Unable to fly with frozen wings the sparrow wished
if someone could make him warm. Before long the farm cow came along and unloaded
a pile of dung on the sparrow, who went "Oh Dung! this is the last thing I need.
I wish someone would take me out of this pile of dung". However, the warm dung
made the sparrow warm and his wings began to thaw. Overjoyed, the sparrow began
to sing. The farm cat heard the singing and came to investigate, saw the sparrow
stuck in the dung took him out of the pile of dung and ate it.

The morals of the story are:

1. Anyone who lands a pile of dung on you is not necessarily your enemy.

2. Anyone who takes you out of the pile of dung is not necessarily tour friend.

3. If you are warm and happy even inside a pile of dung, keep your mouth shut!

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