Disgusting Jokes Part 3
Posted by Bal Walla on May 01, 1998 at 19:59:30:

How did they find out Jeffrey Dahmer was a cigarette smoker?
They found a bunch of butts behind his couch

What is Jeffrey Dahmer's favorite line of clothing?
Dis-Members Only

Jeffrey Dahmer had his mother over for dinner when she suddenly said,
"You know, Jeffrey, I don't like your neighbors..."
Which he responded, "Just eat the vegetables then..."

Doctor: "Your wife either has Ahlzeimer's or AIDS."
Husband: "How can we find out which?"
Doctor: "I need you to run a little experiment this weekend. Take
your wife to a park and leave her there. If she finds her
way home; don't fuck her."

What does MAGIC stand for in Magic Johnson?
My Ass Got Infected Coach

How did David Copperfield catch AIDS?
He was playing with Magic (D.C. has never been reported as having AIDS)

When asked how his daughter does not have AIDS and he does, Magic Johnson
replied: "I used a condom".

Woman answers a knock at the door and is greeted with roses.
Her Girl Friend: "Who are they from?"
Woman: "My boyfriend; guess that means I'll have to keep my legs open
all weekend"
Girl Friend: "Why not use a vase?"

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