I've never been screwed
Posted by Bal Walla on May 01, 1998 at 19:56:01:

Handsome hunk is jogging down the beach when he sees a girl in a
wheelchair sitting on a pier crying. He runs over and asks why she's
"I've never been kissed," she sobs. So the hunk lifts her up,
cradles her in his arms, and gives her a long, passionate kiss.
"Now," he says, "you've been kissed." He puts her back in her chair
and continues to run.
A week later, he's out jogging again when he sees the same girl on
the same pier, crying again.
"What is it this time?" he asks.
"I've never been screwed," the girl sobs.
Again, the hunk picks her up and cradles her gently. He slowly
moves to the end of the pier, kissing her as he did the first time.
Suddenly, he throws her as far out in the water as he can.
"Now," he calls to her, "you're screwed."

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