Welcome to Jamaica
Posted by Bam Bam on February 21, 1997 at 22:00:19:

There's this guy named Jack, and he has a girlfriend named Wendy. Jack
loves Wendy a lot, and decides to ask her to marry him. And to prove
much he loves her, he goes and gets "Wendy" tattooed on his penis, to
her how much that he loves her. When it's erect, is says her name, and
deflated, it reads "Wy"

So, there doing it the next night, and when she sees her name on his
masculine member, he pops the question, and she accepts.

They decide to go to Jamaica for their honeymoon. Once down there, they
decided to try out all of the local culture, including a nude beach.
they go to the beach, and are having a great time, when Jack decides to
up from sunbathing and go and get something to drink at the bar down the

So, he walks over to the bar, with his deflated muscle, trying not to
his eye wander, hence embarrassment to himself. He orders a drink from
guy at the bar, and while making the drink, he notices that the guy,
naked for obvious reasons, has "Wy" tattooed on his penis as well.

So Jack asks the guy, "Hey, do you have a girlfriend named 'Wendy' and
name tattooed on your dick too?"

And the bartender looks down at Jack's thing, back to his and starts
laughing and says, "No mon. Mine says 'Welcome to Jamaica, mon. Have a
nice day."

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