Old enough
Posted by Abdul Wahid on April 28, 1998 at 09:24:13:

Old Enough To Start Cussing

Two brothers were getting dressed for school. The older one says,"I think I'm
old enough to start cussing."

Younger one, "Me too. Whatcha gonna say?"

Older boy,"Dad says 'damn' a lot, so that's what I'll say."

Younger boy, "I'm gonna say 'betchyer ass',Dad says that all the time.

They go down for breakfast, sit at the table. Mom comes in, says to the older
one,"What would you like for breakfast dear?"

He replies, "Gimme a damn bowl of Fruit Loops."

Mom knocks older son off his chair, turns to younger one,"And what would YOU
like for breakfast?"

Younger son, "Betcher ass I don't want Fruit Loops!"

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