Posted by U of T Student on April 24, 1998 at 08:03:19:

What do you call someone who just came from SriLanka?


What do you call someone who just came from SriLanka who
sneeked ?


How do you know your SriLankan ?

-You Smell of Curey!
- (for guys) wear the same
colourful outfits you bought tring to please all the girls
- You have a Big Afro!
- You don't go to school , just visit hoping you'd get a girl

-(for girls)
- You wear your hair in a big puff
- you put on Fair and Lovely hoping you'd look like a
movie star to impress your Afro Headed Crush!
- You wear red lipstick!
- You wear bright shirts and skirts hoping you'd match and
fit in with the rest of the world!


- Hope to get a good education by marrying someone rich,
robing a bank and killing people cauz your in the KK Kannan Group
or something like that !

Most Srilankan are Losers.....except for the onces in University! hahahhaha
and Respect all Parents.....!

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