2 Blonde jokes
Posted by Tina on April 20, 1998 at 07:46:34:

A red head walked over to a shepard and asked,"Could I
have one of your sheep?" The shepard said no.
Then the red head asked if she could guess how many
sheep he has she could have one of his sheep and he
said fine. She told him he had 360 sheep.
He said yeah, how did you know? She
said I dunno, could I have a sheep now?
He said sure. She came back with the one she wanted
and he said are you a real red head?
She said no, acually I'm blonde. He said fine, now
give me my dog back.
A blonde walked into a doctor's office and poked her
shoulder and said, "It hurts when I poke here," then
she poked her arm and said," It hurts when I poke here
too." Then she poked her knee and said, "It hurts when
I poke here too." Then the doctor asked, "Are you a
real blonde?" She said, "Yes." Then the doctor said,
"You have a broken finger."

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