Easter Week
Posted by Abdul Wahid on April 15, 1998 at 07:51:45:

Three people walk up the St. Peter, hoping to enter heaven, but he
has a little test for them first. He asks the first man why we
celebrate Easter, and the man says, "Oh, that's the day when we get
really dressed up in fun costumes and go trick or treating right?"

St. Peter is disgusted and he sends the man to hell.

The second man comes to the gate and St. Peter asks him the same
question, and this man says, "Oh, this is when we eat turkey and
celebrate all of the things that we are thankful for right?"

Peter couldn't beleive it, he sent the second man to hell and
called the third man up. He again asked the man why Easter is so
important, and why we celebrate it, and this man says, "Oh, that is
easy. Jesus came to the earth and he was crucified, and buried in a

St. Peter sighed because his faith in man was restored, but then he
heard the man say... "and then Jesus rose up and exited the cave...and
if he sees his shadow we get another three months of winter, right?"

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