Althetic memberships !
Posted by Doug Lankagi on April 05, 1998 at 21:09:50:

A man joins a nudist colony. He pays his dues,gets his membership kit and
key,and enters the compound.

A six-foot blonde walks by,and he gets a hard -on-

Blonde:"Sir,did you just call for me?"
New Man:"No i just got here."
Blonde:"You must be new here.It's rule when i give you hard-on,
implies that you called for me."

The blonde lies down and lets the man screw her. He
gets up,happy and heads into the sauna,sits down,and farts.A huge man comes over
to him.

Huge Man:"Sir,did you call for me?"
New Man:"I just got here."
Huge Man:" You must be new here.It's rule that when you
fart,that you called for me."

The huge man turns him around and sodomizes him.

The new man rushes back to the receptionist.

New Man:"Here's your card and key back. You can keep the $500
membership fee. I'm outa
Receptionist:" But Sir,you only saw a small percentage of
our facility.
New Man:" (Ruedly) " Listen Lady, i'm 45 years old,
only gets a hard-on once a month...........
but i fart 15 times a day."

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