Bill Clinton
Posted by Terry Harr on March 29, 1998 at 14:03:25:

One day Bill Clinton was jogging down the street
with his bodyguard, Bubba. Bill says to Bubba, " I
have to take a piss Bubba!" Bubba replies, " Your
the president sir, you can piss anywhere you want."
So Bill went behind a bush to take a leak. Bubba
decides to take a leak also, so he goes behind the
bush with Bill. Bill looks down at Bubba's dick
and said," Damn Bubba, how did you get such a big
dick?" So Bubba told him that he went home every
night and beat his dick on the bed post.
So Bill said, " Does that really work?"
Bubba pointed to his dick and said,"Here is the
proof sir!"
So bill went home late that night, walked into
his bedroom and found Hillery asleep so he left the
lights off. He got undressed, went to the bed post
and started beating his dick on it.
Hillery woke up and said," Is that you Bubba?"

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