Horse & little chiken
Posted by Hinapala on March 29, 1998 at 14:00:45:

A horse & a little chicken were plying in a field. Suddenly the horse's
foot got stuck in a rabbit borrow,
The horse tried so hard to pull it's foot out, but he couldn't. So he asked for
little chicken's help but being only a little chicken he couldn't do much.
so, the horse said to the chicken "why don't you run home and get the master, he
will be able to pull me out," so the little chicken ran home to look for the
master. Unfortunately, the master was not home, The chicken did not know what to
Chicken looked around and he didn't see any thing that he could use to pull the
horse out. All of a sudden he saw it."Master's Brand new sports car" The chicken
got on the car drove to the field ,and tied horse's foot in to the car and
pulled him out. The horse was very grateful. and said I will help you out any
day ,if you need my help.
The little chicken said that's very nice of you, and they went home.

The next day they were plying again, and the little chicken fell in to the
rabbit borrow, and this was horse's turn to help, so the horse put his pecker
down the borrow and said " hold on to my pecker I will pull you up" .so the
little chicken was pulled out of the rabbit borrow. and the little chicken was
so happy
and they both went home.

We can learn two things from this story

1.Helping a friend in need is a Nobel quality.
2.If your pecker is as big as a horse's, you don't need a fancy sport car to
pick up a chick

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