Penis Enlargement Secret
Posted by Sudda on March 25, 1998 at 03:07:04:

One white guy went to the bathroom to pee.
He saw a black guy at the next urinal with a huge penis.

White guy said " wow! brother, you gotta huge pecker"

Black guy just grinned and said "Why thank you, man.
Would you like to know how you could have one too?

"Hell yes," replied the white man as dreams of all the
women he could have danced through his head.

"Well, tell you what you lay your dick out on
the table, grease it up real good with some butter...
and smack it REAL hard between two bricks," stated the
coon without even flinching.

The white guy raised his brow and winced in pain, "Are
you sure, man?! That has to hurt like hell!!!"

The spook just grinned, "Nah, just hurts the first few
times, but damn it's worth it, let me tell you. I have
at least 6 women each week now that I have this huge

"Six women? Goddamn! I think I'll give it a try!"

The black man just shook his head as the white man
headed off to give his therapy a try.

Three weeks later the same two men met in the bathroom.

The black man looked up from his business and smiled
at the white man, "So how's your penis growing, man?"

The white guy grimaced as he unzipped his pants and
pulled out his unit, "'s half way there...
It's just as black as yours!"

****Disclaimer: This is just a JOKE, please, Sri Lankan
men, do NOT try this at home. Though you may not be
well hung, this procedure will cause irrepairable
damage to your manly organ.

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