Post of Trainee Lover in your Heart
Posted by THABIT on February 12, 1997 at 09:15:01:

33, Sussex
Middle sex

The Advertiser
R.A. De Mel Mw.

Dear Madam

Post Of Trainee Lover In Your Heart

Being made to understand that there is a vacancy in your
heart as above, I am pleased to submit my application for the above

I am Sinhalese, 22 Years of age. I eas educated in a leading
School in the City of Colombo. Whilst in school Ihave represented college
in the first eleven team in which I played Pocket Billiods, Marbles,
Bed rugger and swimming on the road. I have also been an active member
of the Women's interest in Men and the President of the Nude sex and Phonography

After my distinguied school career I have done a serious study on
INTERCOURSE. At present I am doing a course leading to the INTERNATIONALLY

This also includes the following

1. Basic features of a Woman.
2. Principle organs of Women.
3. How women can be used as sex objects.
4. How to influence women to do what you want.
5. Steps in sex adventure.
6. Practical project on sex with women.

I shal be greatful if you consider my application, and I assure
My honousty, Loyalty and Integrity in discharging the duties entrusted to me
to the best of my ability and your satisfaction.

Thanking you

Yours Faithfully



1. Pissu Pusa 2. Harry buwa
Kahalagoda Thattaya Mw.
Kunubakkiya Bada-Uda.

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