Sally's Secret
Posted by pEaCeOuT bAbY on March 20, 1998 at 22:53:48:

Once their was a guy named Bob. His friend Chuck had just had sex with a
fab hore from the hore house. He had so much FUN! Chuck had told Bob to get a
hore if he couldn't get a woman to have sex with. Chuck had told him if he went
to the hore house, to NOT get a lady named sandpaper sally .Since he couldn't
find a woman, he went to the hore house.
When he got there, he asked the man at the desk for a hore. The man replied,"
All we have is Sandpaper sally.." So Bob said," No that's okay. I'll come back
next week." Then Bob went home and then came back next week to look for a hore.
When he got there, he asked the same question," Can I have a hore please.?" The
man at the desk said the samethang,"All we have is sandpaper sally." So Bob
replied," No .that's okay. I'll come back next week."

When he went back the hore house the next week, the man had said they only
had sandpaper sally. So Bob said," OH WHAT THE HECK.I'LL TAKE HER."

So he took her home and started heving sex with her. While in the process, He
had said,"Damn! this is kinda rough." So Sandpaper Sally said ,"Hold on...I'll
be right back." Sandpaper sally went into the bathroom and then came back out in
a couple of minutes. Then they started to have sex again. While the second time
having sex, Bob had said," Wow! this feels better.....What did you do?" Sally
replied," I just picked the scabs and let the Puss run."

Pretty sick huh? I Laughed My head off while typing this.

~pEaCeOuT bAbY~

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