What a joke
Posted by Keetha on March 20, 1998 at 22:47:58:

A girl named Nila, went to shop to buy a jeans. She was
new to Canada and She doesn't speak English at all.
When she entered to the shop, the a man who work at the shop
asked her something...defnettly she didn't understand, but
she sail yes by moving her head. When she found the jeans
and went to fitroom, the mad also follwed her. When She
was in the fitroom, the man knocked the door twice. The girl
was so scared...she cried and run to her house. When her
husband came, she told him that the man in the shop tried
to come to the fitroom when she was alone.... Her husband
went to that shop and asked the man why did you do like this
stupid things. The man's didn't understand what they were
saying..he told Nila's husband that he asked her that she
need help finding jeans and she said yes...so the man
said, he was just tried to help her.

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