How Premadasa Selected Hema
Posted by Wala on March 20, 1998 at 22:43:15:

Do you know how Premadasa selected Hema for marraige.

One day he took Hema to his room and both got naked.
Premadasa pointed to his willy and asked "do you know
what this is?" Hema said "meeya". Premadasa made love
to her several times and later decided to marry her.
On honeymoon night Premadasa says "I decided to marry
you becuase you didn't even know what this is, so you
have been a very good girl. ... and the name of this
thing is payiya." Hema says "Ohh, payiya, I have seen
hundereds of those, in fact last night I had your
bestman's payiya in all my holes. Payi have to be more
that 3 inches long. This your thing is still a meeya".

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