the elephant
Posted by jack on March 18, 1998 at 15:23:13:

There was this elephant at a circus. And at this circus
there was a prize award to be given to whomever can
make this elephant sit. So many tried and failed,Until
this goofy looking guy came by. so the elephant trainer
asked, "you can make this elephant sit hahahaha"
ok if you succedd ill give you 5 thousand dollars
so the guy walks over to the elephant and kindly asks
the elephant to sit , but no luck . So he kicks the
elephant hard and whoop the elephant sit down out of pain. huh the trainer
replies ok you win here ya go ..
a week later another contest is abroad, but this time the trainer implies,
"anyone who can make this elephant say yes and no without physically touching
i will give 1 hundred thousand they must give me
5 thousand to play which if they win they would surley get it back... The
trainer thinking this would be impossible trys out the contast. many tried
walking from left to right and where able to get the elephant to say no but not
yes cause they couldnt jump high enough.The trainer had made about 25 thousand
when the same goofy guy that had kicked the elephant before
comes in gives the trianer the 5 thousand he had won
before, he also explains that he couldnt touch the elephant like before.. he
replies ok no problem walks
over to the elephant and whispers do you remember when i kicked you in the balls
,,the elephant nods yes . Do you want me to do it again the elephant nods no.

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