The Three Princes
Posted by Sweetness on March 14, 1998 at 10:41:11:

There were three princes and they were all after this one princess. So the kings says "the
one who will marry my daughter is the one that fulfils these three tasks". The three tasks were

1)to swim a mile
2) to jump over a puddle that was 10 feet long and
3) to fuck a cow.

So the first prince, he tries to swim a mile, but as soon as he gets into the water (because he can't swim for shit). The second
prince, well he swims a mile and jumps over the 10 feet long puddle, but can't fuck the cow
(because he has no clue of what fucking actually is). Now, the third prince, he swims a mile,
jumps over the puddle, and he fucks the cow (and he fucked the cow real good). So, the kings say
"o.k., now you can marry my daughter". The third prince says, "forget your daughter, i want the

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