"Whats that Mommy?"
Posted by A GIRL 469 on March 14, 1998 at 10:35:27:

Little Johnny
When Little Johnny was taking a shower with his mom and his dad, he asked his mom what were
those things and he pointed to her boobs. she replied"those are my bottles" then he looked at his
dad and asked what is the long stick hanging down from below his waist. the dad replied " thats my
car" Then he looked back at his mom and asked what was the hairy thing below her waist and she
replied" thats my garage"
After the shower was taken, they were going to bed. The mom had told Johnny whatever he
heard, don't wake up. he agreed.
I the middle of the night, he heard screams and weird noises like "oh's and ah's and "that
feels good." Johnny had woken up and he saw his parents having sex. He screamed." Daddy is pushing
so hard to shove his car into mommy's garage!!!!!!!!!!"

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