Waiting for Sally's Legs to open
Posted by A GIRL 469 on March 14, 1998 at 10:35:02:

sally's legs

There once was a guy who was walkin down down the street and saw a contest for guys to name
the new bar that was going to open the next day. He thought it would be fun and so he went and
named the bar "Sally's Legs" . At the end of the day, they anounced the winner and it was him! the
man had won! he had won a free drink at the bar. So he went home and slept.

Early next morning, he went to the bar to recieve his free drink. While waiting for the
bar to open, two young ladies appeared and asked why he was there so early in the morning. Then the
man respones," I'm waiting for Sally's Legs to open so I can get a drink"

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