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There were two really poor guys names Tyler and Alex. One day they were both really
hungry. When they had passed a store with a 70 year old lady as the manager. The store was on the
second floor. Tyler and Alex both entered the store and asked for any free food. The old lady had
said that she had but in order for them to get the food, one of them had to have sex with her for
10 minutes. Alex had said no way and ran out of the store to sit outside of the store. Tyler had
said okay, and was willing to have sex with the old lady for the food.

So Tyler followed the old lady into the back room where all the fruits and vegetables
were. She stripped for him(all the way) layed herself on the table, and spread her legs WIDE OPEN!
he was about to throw up but he had an idea. She had demanded for the sex from Tyler so he said
hang on.

When he had returned, she was still there. Insted of using his private part, he
used potatoes. He had used potatoes in the old lady. She was having a GOOD time. Everytime he had
used a potato, he threw it out the window. When he had stopped, she was completely satisfied.

When they both were done, the lady had given Tyler a bag of potatoes, a bunch of
fruits and candy.When Tyler exited the store, he saw Alex and showed him the food that he had
gotten. But Alex had refused and rejected the food and said "no thank you. I'm too full to eat."
Tyler asked," why?" then Alex replied," I already two YUMMY potatoes that was thrown out the

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